The products registration at ANVISA is a complex process that expends company time and money, which sometimes allocates professionals from other departments to perform this kind of work.

Latini & Associados has a large expertise in product registration, with a multidisciplinary staff composed by professionals with comprehensive experience on industry routine, focusing their efforts in order to allow the speeding up requested by the clients on process composition and into the specified standards by ANVISA. The result is the fast obtainment of definitive registrations, essential to manufacture, importation and marketing of products, allowing that each company produces the essential businesses to its survival.

Why register products with the Latini Group?

  • We are a Consulting company with many years experience;
  • We have thousands of registered process and approval rate higher than 98%;
  • Latini & Associados develops and follows the whole products registration project with your company;
  • Our work is recognized and used by National and Multinational companies;
  • We operate in all fields of products subject to Health Surveillance rules;
  • Latini & Associados leads the major Brazilian Company Alliance of Regulatory Affairs:
  • Our price and payment method are compatibles with your company;
  • Our client portfolio is composed of small businesses up to multinationals;
  • The work is performed by experienced professionals and with strong know-how on product registration;
  • Our staff registers and follows, in loco, product registration processes at the National Heath Surveillance Agency (Brazil) - ANVISA;
  • Our work experience and methodology result in valuable time and resources savings on the obtainment of your registrations;
  • Greater profitability for your company that can offer to the market, new products in shorter time.

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