Health Licensing

The Latini Group is a company specialized in providing Regulatory Services, with thousands of approved processes. Founded in 1996, the company has a specialized technical team, allowing the reduction of development processes, with efficiency gains, time, costs and staff allocated to this task.

Working in partnership with the regulatory affairs area of our customers, we studied tailor-made solutions, we monitor the scene and manage regulatory risks inherent to the activity of each company. Already serve more than 25 companies in different countries, we obtained the approval of thousands of products.

We rely on strategic partnerships in Brazil and abroad, facilitating the access of our clients these global markets. In the globalized world of today it is important to have a strong partner in the Regulatory Area so that no tax barriers can be overcome and conquered markets with the increase of business enterprises.

You can count on a strong partner in Regulatory Affairs.

You can count on Latini Group.

Latini Group


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