The Empresa Brasileira de Assessoria Empresarial operates in the regularization of companies with thousands of approved processes, it offers services to obtain licenses, certificates and others whether in the municipal, state or federal level.

We have a technical team composed by specialists with extensive experience in the regulatory area.

Every company needs to pay attention to regulatory risks that threaten business success. Our skills allow us to offer services ranging from obtaining the original documentation, through the complete regulatory management for your organization (regulatory shield), making the daily life of your staff easier and ensuring compliance with current legislation.

Real estate and commercial regularization adds value and competitive advantages, besides avoiding infringement notices, fines and bans.

You can count on a strong partner in the Regulatory Area.

You can count on Empresa Brasileira de Assessoria Empresarial.


The Latini Group began in 2017 Latini consolidation of a group of companies that offer a range of services to identify and meet the needs of the world market strategically. Today is world reference in the development of regulatory processes, manufactures, nationalizes, import and export products according to the best use and needs of each client with efficiency and agility.

Our expertise allows minimizing market risks to the commercial ticket through quality and regulatory standards for highly trained professionals and in tune with the technological innovations supported by research, publications, works with institutions and important national and international partnerships. This initiative was created to Copacabana Holding: multi-service company with a proposal to offer the world market solutions to promote the commercial ticket between Nations and add value to products and services sold.

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