Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: Act on the regulated market, using our expertise in regulatory affairs, transforming knowledge in value.

Vision: To be a reference in the Regulatory Affairs worldwide;

Values from Latini’s Group Culture:

  • Integrity;
  • Honesty;
  • Transparency;
  •  Sense of Urgency;
  •  Respect;
  • Diligence;


Quality Policy

Based on our mission, Vision and Values, Latini & Associados defines its Quality Management System Policy as being:

  • Seek for the satisfaction of our clients
  • Achieve the goals of the board management
  • Maintain updated the regulatory requirements from our field market
  • Keep updated the skills and knowledge of our employees
  • Improve the quality of our process continuously



The Latini Group began in 2017 Latini consolidation of a group of companies that offer a range of services to identify and meet the needs of the world market strategically. Today is world reference in the development of regulatory processes, manufactures, nationalizes, import and export products according to the best use and needs of each client with efficiency and agility.

Our expertise allows minimizing market risks to the commercial ticket through quality and regulatory standards for highly trained professionals and in tune with the technological innovations supported by research, publications, works with institutions and important national and international partnerships. This initiative was created to Copacabana Holding: multi-service company with a proposal to offer the world market solutions to promote the commercial ticket between Nations and add value to products and services sold.

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