The Latini is a company specialized in providing services of Regulatory Field, with thousands of approved processes. Founded in 1996, the company counts on a specialized technical staff allowing time reduction on process formulation, with gains of efficiency, time, cost and personal designated for this job.



Working in association with our clients’ Regulatory Affairs field, we analyze customized solutions, monitor the scenario and manage the inherent regulatory risks of each company activity. We have already served companies from more than 25 countries; and we have obtained the approval of thousands of products. We rely on strategic partnerships in Brazil and abroad, promoting the access of our clients to these global markets.

In contemporary globalized world, it is important to count on a strong partner in Regulatory Field in order to overcome the non-tax barriers and, to achieve markets by the increasing of companies' businesses.

Count on a strong partner. Count on Latini Group, expert in Regulatory Affairs.


From 2017, the brands of the Latini group are going to be consolidated into a single, more dynamic and current brand: the Latini Group.
Always acting in accordance with the Regulatory in Business, the group's companies have been helping our customers to add value, generate business and reduce regulatory risk.
With a strong concept in integrated solutions, our companies are able to generate competitive advantage for your business, saving time and financial resources, as well optimizing human resources, which are indispensable in the current competitive scenario.
Our teams are composed of high-level consultants and technicians with great professional experience in regulatory, life sciences and technology areas.
We have strategic partners located in every continent, allowing us to develop and manage projects in various countries with great commercial potential for our customers, whether between foreign countries, from Brazil to other countries or vice versa.

  • Securities management;
  • Full document management;
  • Consulting and regulatory advice;
  • Regulatory audits;
  • Development and implementation of quality systems (GMP);
  • Regulatory training.


The Latini Group began in 2017 Latini consolidation of a group of companies that offer a range of services to identify and meet the needs of the world market strategically. Today is world reference in the development of regulatory processes, manufactures, nationalizes, import and export products according to the best use and needs of each client with efficiency and agility.

Our expertise allows minimizing market risks to the commercial ticket through quality and regulatory standards for highly trained professionals and in tune with the technological innovations supported by research, publications, works with institutions and important national and international partnerships. This initiative was created to Copacabana Holding: multi-service company with a proposal to offer the world market solutions to promote the commercial ticket between Nations and add value to products and services sold.

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